International Society on Dynamic Games

Isaacs' Award

The executive committee of the International Society of Dynamic Games decided in 2003 to establish a prize to recognize the "outstanding contribution to the theory and applications of dynamic games" of two scholars at each of its symposium, starting in 2004. The prize was named after Rufus Isaacs, the acknowledged founding father of differential games.

2014 Laureates

Eitan Altman (on the left), Leon Petrosyan (on the right)

Published by Sergey Kumkov
2012 Laureates

Karl Sigmund (in the center, on the left), Steffen Jorgensen (in the center, on the right)

Published by Sergey Kumkov
2010 Laureates

Tamer Basar (in the center), Geert Jan Olsder (at right)

Published by Sergey Kumkov
2008 Laureates

Alain Haurie (in the center), Pierre Bernhard (at right)

Published by Sergey Kumkov
2006 Laureates

Nikolai Krasovskii (at left; the linked page is in Russian), Wendell Fleming (at right)

Published by Sergey Kumkov
2004 Laureates

George Leitmann (at left), Yu-Chi Ho (at right)

Published by Sergey Kumkov

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